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              M Tech I                                                     M Tech II
               Low-bulk device                                           Low-bulk device                        
               Intrinsic FF Posting                                       Intrinsic FF Posting
               Milled Extrinsic RF Posting                           Intrinsic RF Posting


              SportCad                                                    SportCad PLUS
Intrinsic FF Posting                                         Intrinsic FF Posting
               Extrinsic Crepe RF Posting                             Milled Extrinsic RF Posting
               Neoprene heel cap                                          with 2mm Crepe Cushion
                                                                                      3mm Padded Fabric Topcover
                                                                                      Vinyl Bottom Cover

                  Solid EVA device - no plastic shell!

               FHL - Functional Hallux Limitus                   Airtech
Intrinsic FF Posting                                       For the At-Risk foot
                Milled Extrinsic RF Posting                           EVA Soft Shell
                1st Ray Cutout                                   
            Neutral RF Posting
                2mm Heel Lift                              
                 3mm Spenco Topcover
                1st MH Cutout                                                EVA Bottom Cover
                2.5mm Padded Fabric Topcover                              
                Ultrasuede Bottom Cover


               Runner                                                      Ultimate Sport
 Intrinsic FF Posting                                      Intrinsic FF Posting
                Intrinsic RF Posting                                     Milled Extrinsic RF Posting
    3.5mm Padded Fabric Topcover                  with 2mm Crepe Cushion
                2mm EVA Padding                     
                 3.5mm Padded Fabric Topcover
                Ultrasuede Bottom Cover                            2mm Poron Padding
                                                                                   Ultrasuede Bottom Cover


              FashionCad I                                            FashionCad II
Intrinsic FF Posting                                       Intrinsic FF Posting
               Intrinsic RF Posting                                       Intrinsic RF Posting
    2mm Padded Fabric Topcover                     Narrowed Midfoot Grind
               Very Narrow Grind



               DressCad                                                 Koosh
Intrinsic FF Posting                                      Flexible Thin Shell
                Intrinsic RF Posting                                      Intrinsic FF Posting
                Narrow Forefoot Grind                                Soft, Supportive Arch Fill

                         2mm EVA Bottom Cover
                                                                                      3mm Spenco Topcover


              Modified Whitman-Robert                     M-Tech Sport
 Intrinsic FF Posting                                       Intrinsic RF Posting
               Milled Extrinsic RF Posting                           Milled Extrinsic RF Posting
               Medial Flange                                              Cushioned Heel Cap
               Lateral Clip                                          
        2mm EVA Topcover
               Deep Heel Cup                                             Vinyl Forefoot bottom cover
               2mm EVA Topcover


               PolyFlex Dress                                       PolyFlex Fashion
                For Mens' Dress Shoes                                For Womens' Flats
                Leather Topcover                                        Leather Topcover
                PORON Arch Fill                                          PORON Arch Fill
                EVA Bottom Cover                                       EVA Bottom Cover


                PolyFlex Sport                                       The VA
               For Athletic Shoes                                       Intrinsic RF posting
                3.5mm Padded Fabric Topcover                 6mm Dual Layer cushion
                PORON Arch Fill                             
                EVA Bottom Cover




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