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Total Orthotic Measurement by Computer Aided TopographyTM

  • FAST Nine-second scanning for time savings
  • ACCURATE Computer-aided digital topography
  • CLEAN Eliminates messy plaster and foam
  • SIMPLE No mailing data is transmitted electronically

The TOM-CAT comes completely assembled and configured for use. It includes proprietary 3-D scanning software that allows your patient to see every contour of their foot on the included laptop computer in brilliant color. You may also print out your patient's scan on a color printer (use your own or we can add one as a system option). 

This simple-to-use, easily transportable system works in both a non-weight bearing mode (best for orthotic results) and a semi-weight bearing mode for patients with special needs.

The computer is a closed system that can stand alone or work with your office network through either a wired or wireless connection.


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