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Lab Standards and Policies


Forefoot Posting: 6 degrees maximum varus and 4 degrees maximum valgus

Rearfoot Posting: 4 degrees varus is standard - Lab standard is 4/4 except for arch filled devices


  • Standard turnaround in-lab is 5-7 working days

  • Refurbishes and adjustments turned around in 3-5 working days

  • FREE adjustments first 90 days

  • Computerized digital castings are stored for at least 5 years

  • Consultation services available - ALWAYS FREE


  • FREE Order Forms

  • FREE Mailing Labels


  • All completed devices will be returned by UPS ground rate

  • Next Day and 2nd Day Air will be charged at current rates plus handling charge

  • Shipping and Handling charges will be shown on invoices


  • Invoice is sent with each completed order. Statement sent only upon request

  • Open accounts are established to qualified individuals, practices and groups when initial order is placed

  • Terms are net 30 days. Finance charges apply on overdue amounts and failure to remit timely payments may result in COD payments and any other applicable charges

  • VISA, MASTERCARD and DISCOVER payments are gladly accepted


Professional Courtesy

  • Each doctor is entitled to one FREE PERSONAL PAIR every 2 years

  • Eligibility begins after the doctor has ordered and paid for 6 new pair

  • Members of doctor's immediate family and staff receive a 10% discount for their devices

Children's Outgrowth

  • A discount of 15% will be applied to each additional outgrowth pair


  • All devices are warranted against defects in workmanship, materials and fit. Adjustments will be made for a period of 90 days after invoicing. Topcovers and extrinsic posts (crepe) cannot be warranted due to varying levels of patients activity

  • All orthotic polypropylene shells are warranted for 10 years against breakage

  • Devices made by any other lab will not be warranted

  • Abuse of any kind (i.e., prolonged exposure to the outside elements, extreme heat, chewing by pets, etc.), loss or outgrowth is not covered under this warranty

  • Due to the fact that M-Tech Lab, Inc. manufactures custom orthotics, no refunds will be given on orthotics ordered inappropriately, incorrectly or not accepted by patient

M-Tech Lab, Inc. - 1/1/04


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